How to Organize Desi Jewelry by Ami Shenoy

Hi…I’m Ami (hence Org-Ami), a Jersey girl, married to my Midwest boy, and we live in the suburbs of Philadelphia! I am a mom of two beautiful girls, a professional organizer/decorator and an avid entrepreneur. Organizing and decorating have always been passions of mine since childhood.  It was not until I became a mom that I understood the importance of having the right organizational systems in place. Having to balance two kids, a home, and a physician husband with a busy schedule, organizing became an integral part of our lives. It helps me become more efficient, enables me to achieve my goals and allows me to spend more quality time with my family. My favorite part of organizing is the mental clarity it brings and the serenity it provides to people’s lives.
I decided to create ORGAMI because I love organizing and designing as much as I love helping people. I have always been the go-to girl amongst my family and friends who have provided me with motivation and courage to take this step.  Life is always full of challenges and obstacles, but with each obstacle there is an opportunity and for me that was ORGAMI.
Hiring a professional organizer/decorator is a very personal decision. It can be daunting, embarrassing, and overwhelming. As a professional organizer, I will support your needs without judgement while providing knowledge and expertise. Finding simple and long- term solutions is important to me - once you organize your home, you organize your life!
For every beautiful Desi outfit- you need matching jewelry, bindi, bangles, and lots of safety pins. You don’t realize how much you have accumulated over the years until you are for something specific or you can no longer tolerate the mess.
Here are some helpful tips to follow and a few products that I recommend.
Step 1: It’s important to get rid of any jewelry that you don’t wear or wouldn’t take a second look at.
Step 2: Sort by type of jewelry
Step 3: Determine whether you want to store your jewelry on a countertop, drawer, wall, etc
Step 4: It’s time to select your organizers. Regardless of what you choose, there are plenty of options.
Step 5: Time to ORGAMI your space!
An easy way to organize your bangles is to use a pant hanger. This is a great option if you don’t have enough drawer space available.


If you have countertop space this 3- tier jewelry organizer from amazon is a great way to organize and display your bangles or bracelets.
Earring and Necklaces: 
These display cases from amazon are a great way to showcase your jewelry. These cases come with a variety of inserts so you can pick and choose accordingly.
Another great option for storing jewelry is using these simple clear plastic storage boxes. These boxes come in a variety of sizes and  they are perfect to use in a drawer. 
This photo storage organizer is what I recommend the most to my clients to store jewelry. It comes with 16 individual clear cases and I like that it  has a handle so you can easily transport it.
A simple plastic container to store all your bindi’s or you can even use a photo album!
ORGAMI is a professional organizing and interior decorating company that helps you assess your space and creates simple personalized solutions for your home or business. Whether you need to revamp your playroom, reorganize your office or reimagine your entire home, I will ensure your space is organized and stylish. It is important to me that the organizational systems I implement are easy to maintain and create efficiency over time. 
At the end of the day, my mission is simple. I want to help people get organized but also stay organized. My main goal is to transfer my organizing skills to you so you can continue to enjoy and love your new transformed space.
All products are linked on my page! Follow me @org.ami

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