is a décor and lifestyle brand for the modern home. A refuge for worldly and weathered travelers, awash in tonal palettes and intricate lines. We reveal centerpieces and accents borne out of a classic South Asian aesthetic where saffron hues blend with lustrous finishes and where the austere intersects with the ornate.

Through our every offering, we invite you into our fold. We hope that our furnishings and accessories will imbue your home with the burnished splendor of the Old World and the understated elegance of the contemporary.

Beyond an online bazaar, Arjuna also remains a dynamic marketplace of ideas --- a portal championing artists and creatives worldwide, where raw talent and authentic expression converge. 

Founder and Curator, Sushmitha Pidatala, is an explorer of evocative designs and unique motifs. She is devoted to making accessible the hushed notes, earthy blends and potent colors of a rich and layered artisanal world to the everyday dwelling space.