How to Find Your Personal Home Style by Aami Patel


Decorating a room can be a very exciting and fun process, but it can also be very overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. You start asking yourself- what do I need to buy, what if I picked out the wrong pieces, does this go with my theme, does this make everything flow together, etc. The pressure is all too real. I get it; that’s still me sometimes, don’t worry! Designing a space takes time, and it doesn’t come together overnight. It’s nothing that patience, planning, and a little bit of inspiration won’t fix.

One of the first questions you might have is, how exactly do I find my personal style? Most of the time, your personal style isn’t categorized into one select category, and that’s totally okay! Most likely, your personal style is a mesh of two or three styles. As we grow and mature over the years, our tastes naturally begin to change and so do our homes. That’s the beauty of interior design! You get to play around with all sorts of styles and create very unique spaces for your clients. Below, I’ll share some of my quick tips on how I help clients figure out their personal styles that best suit them!

| Take a look around

Is there an already existing style in your home? Sometimes the style we gravitate towards is right under our noses. Try to see what items you are more drawn to. Do you like your current style or do want to make it more impactful? Also consider the function of the space. Consider what decor and furniture you will need to fill that function.


| Take inventory

Trust me, this comes in handy when you go shopping! Just by making a list of the current decor you already have goes a long way for saving on costs. It’s like shopping in your own home! I often have clients who want to work around what they already have and that’s sometimes very doable! However, do keep in mind that certain styles depend highly on certain key pieces for the full style to be achieved!


| Create a Lookbook

Whether you’re wanting to find your style or change it up, one of the easiest ways is to start a mood board! I’m a very visual person, so mood boards are everything. Create a board on Pinterest- no fancy programming needed! Start pinning things you love and that makes you happy! This is probably one of the fastest ways to pin down your style aside from Google’s many home decor quizzes. This will also help you gather inspiration for your home decor decisions but, more importantly, it will help to keep the overall design on track!



| Make a list

Make a list of common things you’ve been pinning! What seems to be on repeat? What style does it fall under? What are the main must-haves and design details? Ask yourself- does this really represent you and your space?  That’s what is important at the end of the day. We are creating a space for you and your loved ones!


Example, you notice a lot of your pins are in neutral palettes, hold a lot of natural and wooden elements and include the occasional modern glam. Maybe you lean more towards Scandinavian with a touch of Glam! Scandi-glam? That’s a thing, you guys!


| Book it!

This tip might sound a little extra, but it’s well worth it. When designing for a client, I always make a portfolio with all my gathered information. I can’t even begin to tell you how helpful this is! Especially when I go shopping, it’s great to have on-hand when looking at my color scheme and keeping in mind the overall look I’m trying to achieve! I’m sure I’m not the only one who has gravitated towards something SO cute, but it does NOT go with any of my other stuff.


| Ready to Shop!

Now that you’ve gone through these quick tips and created a list, you’re ready to shop for your new personal style! 


When working with clients, I often find no one has one set style. It’s always a mix! If you are mixing styles, I always try keeping to the 80/20 rule! The 80% being more of one style than the other. Use the 20% as accents and throw in bit by bit throughout the spaces. And in addition, using repetition, colors, and textures help create a cohesive aesthetic throughout your home!


Gujaranicreations was created to share my love for design and creating. Never would I have thought that I would be helping people design their homes, let alone people trusting me enough for something like that! Whether you’re building a new home or updating your existing décor, the process of making decorating decisions is not easy for everyone! Sometimes it's downright stressful. Having someone come in with a fresh pair of eyes might be just what you need for inspiration and new ideas. I’m pleased to offer a solution to take that extra stressor away! 

I offer design services ranging from a quick questionnaire on your personal style, a phone consultation, mood boards services, to a complete product list so all you have to do is click and shop! 



I hope these quick tips gave you a couple of starting points on your journey to finding your personal style for your own home! If you’re currently working on decorating or styling a space, I would love to hear from you! Whether you’re stuck or just need some inspiration, I’m your girl! Follow me @gujaranicreations or follow along my blog at 


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