Lotus Masala Dabba

Lotus Masala Dabba

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This is the first version of the Lotus Masala Dabba with regular open katoris.


Dimensions: 8 inch diameter, approximately 3.5 inch height

Materials: Stainless steel with gold, food-safe lacquer and mango wood

Quantity: Seven katoris and one mini-spoon are included

Care: We recommend NOT washing but using a soft, damp cloth to clean. Do not use abrasives, or the lacquer may fade or discolor.

DISCLAIMER: Note that certain spices such as red chili powder and salt may cause discoloration and/or wear-and-tear of the lacquer. Also, variation in grain, color and texture are inherent in many species of wood and are not considered defects. Several species of wood have irregularities in growth that produce dark patches, mineral streaks, small worm holes and/or tight knots which are considered enhancements to the wood and overall product. The constant flux of movement can produce surface checking or hairline cracks at the joints, which are not considered flaws. No two items will look the same due to wood variation. This product is FINAL SALE.

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