Ghee/Sugar Pot
Ghee/Sugar Pot

Ghee/Sugar Pot

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Whether its ghee, sugar or any other spices or condiments, our quaint little Sugar Pots add elegant flourish to your tablescape. Function never sacrifices form with these matte brass-plated containers specially crafted for the consummate host(ess)! Spoon included.


Diameter: 3 inches

Height: 3 inches

Usage: This item is a serving container made of pure brass. It is not to be used as a storage container. Moisture, temperature, and food stored over 24 hours has a risk of oxidization. Oxidization is a natural result of brass reacting with oxygen in the air. This item should not be exposed to high heat from the stove, gas, or microwave. This item is not dishwasher safe, and should be handwashed with a soft cloth and dried.


Please note that this product is handcrafted and is therefore unique. Due to the differences in displays via laptops, smart phones, etc., the colors, textures and/or surfaces of this product may slightly vary from those displayed on our website. Moreover, please realize that due to the nature of handcrafted goods, each item may bear slight inconsistencies or imperfections (For Example: stray markings or scratches, chips or frays in enamel, indentations in metallic surfaces, or stains from plating/welding). These variations are a mark of authenticity and reflect the individual character of the product.