We Are Stronger Together by Runjhun Misra

My whole life I have been instructed to fight my way to the top. From school, to residency then getting married, to basically everything in life. It's something ingrained in us, stemming from survival of the fittest. When people literally fought for food, and those good at fighting would usual get the meat, and thus survive.

But we're not Neanderthals.

We've evolved.

And competing is exhausting. 

Especially because there is enough space for all of us here. 

When I started this Instagram journey, people told me "you're late to the game, it's already a very saturated space". 

"So what?" I said. 

Too saturated for what? And who is measuring this saturation? 

Apparently there's always someone measuring something.

Well it's time we measure our success with our own yardstick. 

Ditch that generic yardstick because success isn't like getting your height measured at the doctor's office. One stick doesn't measure all.

Success is relative. 

If showing up and talking to other people on Instagram is success for you, then so be it. If success means getting paid for your work, good for you. If it means something totally personal, great! It doesn't matter because success is YOUR goal, a personal achievement which no one else should gauge.

So let's support each other.

Because there IS enough to go around.

And what's meant for you will always remain under your share. 

The rush I have felt supporting another's dream is a million fold compared to the previous feeling of having to compete. 

So if you need your hype girl...

I know someone who will not only have your back, but also your front and any other body part that needs supporting!

Because we're stronger together.

Spread your wings, I'll be your wind. 

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