Tips to Transform a Space by Nirjary Desai


In the past year, we have learned to enjoy our humble abodes sitting around the table with small and intimate groups of our loved ones and friends. So it’s inevitable that entertaining at home has become the new normal. As we have spent more time in our homes than we have ever before, we all are ready to start decorating and celebrating. Here are a few keynotes I like to keep in mind when designing a space:

    1. Design to me has to be inviting. When designing a space, I keep in mind the guest experience and focus on the five senses. What do guests smell, hear, see, feel, and taste when they first enter your home? Does your space harvest warmth and a welcoming environment for all? An exquisite design with a sensory experience is a chance to spark interest in spaces and open a portal of thoughts and conversations.

    2. Design to me has to be fun. I love throwing a fun brunch, lunch or dinner party that is classic, lively, and chic. No one wants to attend a dull party. Try sprucing it up and experiment with a colorful palette that compliments the occasion and space. Each hue of the color spectrum can affect a person’s mood differently. For instance, vibrant tones of red and orange can stimulate energy and passion versus neutral colors create calmness and tranquility.

    3. Design to me has to flow with your personality. Your home is your sanctuary and the place you come back to every day. Therefore, the interior design of your home is meant to be a representation of who you are and your home should be a place for comfort and self-expression. It is better to create an overall timeless design that suits your personality than to follow the latest trends and styles. Consider adding an influx of charm or personality with a fun pop of your favorite color, florals or accessories.

    4. Design to me has to be functional and sustainable. As an interior designer and event planner, I believe functionality and sustainability is so important when designing a home versus an event. I look for every opportunity to incorporate a sustainable design and integrate natural and local resources. From using what’s in my kitchen & garden, to designing the table with fruits, vegetables and simple flowers from my local supermarket, I love making it personal, pretty and palatable for all. 

    With the right design and decor, everyone has the ability to transform their homes into a haven of comfort and style. Since being quarantined, we have realized that one of the greatest gifts is being able to spend time with your loved ones and friends. There’s an endless amount of ways to create unique, elevated and unforgettable memories in your home that will last a lifetime.

    Born in Zambia and raised in South Carolina, entrepreneur Nirjary Desai travels the world and specializes in event production, brand development and marketing. Her companies include: KIS(cubed) Events, S3 Catering, Glam Squad and Bridal Elements by Nirjary Desai. Nirjary’s unique vision and business acumen have garnered features on Bravo TV, The Wedding Channel, Harper’s Bazaar Bride India and Huffington Post. Nirjary uses her experience and expertise to empower women and young girls to achieve their dreams. Follow her journey and contact her for interior styling or event organization @kis_cubed_events.

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