The Unique Power of Scent by Monika Tyagi


I am Monika, the owner, brain, and sweat behind Chalktree WAX Candles. I started this company with a vision for sustainable luxury products and my love for interior designing. Candles are more than just a source of light. In fact, they are the most desired functional decor. They can be relaxing, soothing, or sometimes the whole MOOD!


I designed my candle line to have a modern-Minimal and neutral aesthetics so that they can easily blend and enhance any home style. Choice of using clean ingredients such as Vegan Coconut Soy Wax or Woodenwicks came very naturally to me. We use high-quality fragrance oils that are phthalate-free and Paraben free. Being a responsible luxury brand, we only use ethically sourced products and Eco-friendly packagings like kraft paper and muslin bags. The wooden wicks crackle when lit and this truly makes our candles unique. Since the wooden wicks burn hotter than any regular cotton wick they create a very strong scent throw. It then creates a very cozy and relaxing ambiance. All our candles are handcrafted in our studio in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania. We carefully curate our scents and are inspired by nature. It is very easy to go down memory lane when you light one of our candles. It is like a new ritual that you would want to look forward to every day.


Scents play a BIG part in our lives. We are living in a world where lives are hectic and stress and anxiety affects us in some way or the other. Our Homes are where we like to feel comforted, relaxed, and loved. Be it spending time with our family, reading books, or maybe eating together with friends and family, scents can bring back memories and trigger emotions. When curating my scent line I always wanted to add scent notes that are unique and sophisticated blends of premium fragrance oils and essential oils. All my scents are basically different MOODS.

Where White Sage And Lavender and Palo Santo will make you feel relaxed and cleansed, Hinoki and En Casa will make you want to stay indoors. Sandalwood will be your go-to during prayers and meditation. Mykonos and Spring Luncheon, Clean Linen is your fresh and clean scents. Earthy Blue Spruce and Cedar and Leather if you want Hygge Vibes. Super romantic Date N’ Roses will make your Friday nights even more special.



I personally love lighting candles during meditation, while reading a book, when friends come over, before going to bed, while taking a long bath, or maybe when we just want to feel cozy and snuggled up and stay indoors.


Being a sustainable luxury brand we always want our customers to re-use their candle jars. They come with an earthy and natural cork lid. You could use them for storing food items, snacks, make-up brushes, or even as planters.

I have a Blog on how to use and care for wooden wick candles. If you are looking for some help then please send me a message.


You can contact Monica and learn more about Chalktree Wax Candles on her website or on Instagram @Chalktreewaxcandles. Support, this women-owned, South Asian business and give her a follow!


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