BTS of the Bandit Queen Brand by Sepali Vakil

The Bandit Queen Brand started in August of 2019 to fulfill a need to see more South Asian presence in the health and wellness industry while also supporting inclusiveness of all sizes, shapes and shades. After going through my own personal struggles and loss, I wanted to find a way to not only empower myself through fashion, but to also empower others to be the healthiest versions of ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally. People always ask what does Bandit Queen mean, what does it represent? Bandit Queens are women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and backgrounds that stand tall with courage and compassion. As Bandit Queens we rule the world, lead by example, and empower those around us. We are boss babes when we need to be and pamper ourselves when necessary. We keep our energy, inner peace, and vibe around us in good spirits.


Fashion is an important part of how people define themselves and others - and I wanted to find a way to spread confidence, health and empowerment with my brand. As cliche as it may sound, my inspiration comes from my roots and my family history. I try to stay true to my Indian heritage and weave in a hint of modern culture. I’m also inspired by my own experiences and I like to create collections that I know I will feel like I can be the best version of myself wearing… with a touch of gold and vibrant colors too, of course!


Every collection I create, I make sure there is a meaning behind. One of my latest collections, the Courage Collection, highlights the strong, bold, and courageous women that have gone through silent battles, struggles, and obstacles. As women we have faced so many silent battles and yet we keep moving forward. To my friends, supporters, boss babes, moms, and business women you have all inspired me with this collection and this one's for you! One of my most humbling collections was the Truth Collection. This collection celebrates the South Asian-American identities that are very dear to my heart. The Truth Collection combines my South Asian heritage and American culture -both identities that make me feel empowered, feminine, and proud. The "Bandhani" print used in the collection dates back to India over 5,000+ years ago from where my family is from, in Gujarat. This print was used in traditional Indian clothing, such as a Sari that women wore. It's a timeless staple in Indian culture and we hope to make the Truth Collection a staple in your wardrobe, with a modern twist!




With a void in my heart for men's fashion, I began to wonder how I could make this collection an impactful statement. In these last few years, I have realized I want to lift and empower the king in my life... which is why I am excited to introduce Bandit King. Bandit King is inspired by my amazing Lance [boyfriend] who always handles every challenge with grace, while internally growing and empowering me to do the same. He has continuously stood up for what is right, while educating others, and leading with love. I created this collection to inspire men all over the world to feel confident, sexy, and be true to who they are with no judgments, stereotypes, and unwanted commentary the world may give.  Fashion has the power to evoke emotion, tell a story, and convey a message. Bandit King is a heartfelt message to other men, masculine identifying individuals, and for communities that have suffered injustices for being who you are. As Bandit Kings, we want you to shine no matter who you are, what you represent, or the color of your skin. You have a voice, you have a right to stand up for yourself, and to feel safe.


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