The Basics: How to Start Designing a Space from White Rose Home Lead Designer, Payal Kullar

Payal Kullar from @whiterosehome shares with us her five tips on designing a space. Follow her on Instagram for more home design tips and inspiration.


Find an Aesthetic or Create Your Own


The design world has its own lingo but the most important term to know is “aesthetic”. This single termconstitutes the foundation on which you will be designing your space. “Aesthetic” can be used for any item in a space or the space as a whole. For the purpose of what I’m writing about, “aesthetic means the theme of the space. Examples include rustic, modern, bohemian, and the list goes on and on. I would choose one to two that you love because combining more than two can get tricky for a beginner.


Your personality type is a great indication as to what aesthetic/s call to you but just remember to choose something that makes you happy, always!


Find Inspiration


Finding inspiration is NOT a weakness. Designers ALWAYS use inspiration

pictures from books, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. How else do you think trends happen? We also love to find inspiration all around us. For instance, if you like the color of a soft rose you passed by when walking your dog outside, add it to your space. How? - by way of paint color, a rug, or wall art. The ideas are endless.


Create a Mood Board or Flat Lay


Once you have your ideas together, get them organized on an online mood board

app or lay them out on a table or board to see how they all look together. Interior designing is definitely a flow style art modality but it requires organization and clarity as well. This is the best way to put your ideas into focus.


So, what could your mood board contain? I would say, beginners need to focus on the necessities of the space; the layout of furniture pieces, colors, and textures. If you have a tight budget, spend your money on timeless furniture pieces that wont need to be updated because of a change in trend. Also, focus on what you need to feel comfortable and safe in your space. Self care isn’t only about baths, massages, and hot tea but also about providing yourself with a space that’s right for you and feels best to YOU.



Support is Available


We all can hit a wall when creating something. Always know that you can reach out to friends, family, or a design expert to get an opinion on what looks good. You are never alone in anything you do and an abundance of support is always out there, you just have to ask for it.


Don’t Be a Bad Friend to Yourself


Remember how they always say to speak to yourself as if a really good friend were speaking to you? Well, you are going to need that here. Do not put yourself down or dim your light. Confidence is the most critical aspect of designing any space! If its what you love, be confident in its expression. No one else’s opinion matters above your own. You could use rugs as curtains, curtains as rugs- that’s how great spaces are made. Don’t contain your creativity, expression or ideas for anyone.

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