Dancing Is My Love Language by Sneha Dama


Can you tell us a little bit about Sunrise Dance?


Sunrise Dance is specialized in Wedding and Event Choreography! From coordinating the Bride and Groom’s magical First Dances to choreographing corporate functions to hosting workshops to creating family skits, and much more - Sunrise customizes routines tailored to each of our clients’ needs  ensuring that their vision is brought to life. I founded Sunrise Dance a little over a year ago and honestly always look back and think “Why didn’t I start this sooner?!” Dance has always been a huge part of my life and I am excited to take it one step further with Sunrise Dance.  My goal with Sunrise Dance is to be able to create a platform that leads individuals to discover their story through the expression of dance along with creating a unique, memorable experience for all my clients!  


When did you start dancing?


I was 6 years old when I stepped into my first Kathak class at the Shivangini Academy of Arts, under the guidance of Guru Shiva Mathur. 12 years passed by and all of a sudden, I was ready for my Kathak Pranam Graduation! Soon after, I started undergrad and decided to expand my dance realm and to explore the world of Bollywood. I joined the Rhythm India Bollywood and Indo-Fusion Dance Company,  led by creative director, Arzan Gonda, from 2011 - 2019 where I even had the opportunity to teach as a part-time instructor for a few years. Throughout both schools, I have been blessed to receive opportunities to attend workshops and to perform with some of the most well renowned dancers. Some of my memorable experiences have been of dancing in a Kathak Ballet led by Guru Pundit Birju Maharaj Ji to attending a workshop with the late Saroj Khan ji to performing with the Houston Rockets NBA halftime to partaking in late Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown - Houston episode, and many more! 


Where do you find your inspiration?


My inspiration comes from my 2 dance gurus that I’ve received my dance training from. Seeing how they actively pursue their passions in a creative field that brings joy to others is something that I wanted for myself. My family comes from an entrepreneurial background as well so I knew deep down that one day I would want to start something for myself, I just didn’t know exactly what that unique beat would be at the time. Seeing how my father also curated his own business when he came to America with nothing steady and to see his journey of where he has taken the business now is something I find hugely admirable!


What’s your day job?


Most of my time is committed towards Sunrise Dance, however I do work at the family business to gain the entrepreneurial insight and knowledge in that aspect as well. 


What motivates you to keep creating?


My motivation comes from my passion for dancing and working with my clients. Watching my clients learn, grow and embrace a part of themselves they didn’t know they had before and bringing that into movement makes my heart so warm. It makes me so happy that I can provide the tools for them to be able to create a beautiful memory of something they can cherish forever. 


 Name three people that inspire you. (Historical, pop cultural, etc.)


Three people that inspire me are Payal Kadakia, Priyanka Chopra, and Michelle Obama. Each artist has paved their own path and created their own journey without any excuses. Their ambition is something that I admire the most and hope that one day I can also be able to create something new in the world that can enable an individual to become the best version of themselves they can be. 


What obstacles do you face on a daily basis and how do you overcome them?


I’m definitely a huge planner - No surprises there haha! Throughout my daily tasks, my mind keeps on running and thinking of numerous ideas, which for the most part I get really excited about! Before you know it, I have Microsoft Word and Excel sheets open and I’m typing away.


But isn’t having tons of ideas..a good thing?

Absolutely - however at times, when there are too many ideas flowing,  I do tend to struggle at times with learning to streamline them because I want to do it all. And because of that, I often end up putting more on my plate. 


What has helped me get better with organizing my thoughts whether they are professional or personal goals are documenting these ideas/goals down. Seeing these goals get accomplished one by one gives me a sense that I did something, even if the goal/task is so silly such as - “Today, I went to the bank” (yes I still go to the bank in person haha) or I did my laundry. Over time, I’ve learned to embrace even the smallest of accomplishments and wins! Learning how to take breaks when needed and overall prioritizing what is important is key and something that I work on daily to be able to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle while still doing what I love and making time for people I love. 


What services do you offer? And do you teach any classes currently?


At Sunrise, we offer a wide variety of wedding choreography services starting from First Dances to Mother-Son / Father-Daughter Performances to Flash Mobs to Customized Skits to Wedding Party (Bridesmaids and Groomsmen)  and much more. Rehearsals can be held in person or virtually through Zoom. Additionally, for my out of city folks, I do offer Video Tutorials as well! 


I also teach a few classes on the side - one of them being ShaadiHits! ShaadiHits is your ultimate Bollywood Wedding Choreography class where we learn fun routines to all the top wedding hits! I currently teach ShaadiHits at an outdoor park in the Houston, TX area, however I do switch the classes to virtual time to time to give a chance for my out of city dancers to join in :) Another service that is offered at Sunrise is our Rise and Shine Private Lessons where we focus on the individual’s personal dance goals. These goals can vary from working on specific songs, to flexibility, to expressions, etc. Whichever service(s) you opt for, my job is to ensure that you SunRISE your way to the best version of yourself and create memorable experiences throughout your dance journey!

The best way to contact me is via email: info@sunrise-dance.com or say hello through Insta DM: @sdweddingchoreo! 


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