“Let’s Reframe Narratives Together” by Meghna Nair


Our lives are but stories we tell others. Some sparkle with passion, some glow with beauty and some are writ with pain. MegGem is a dream that started based on these stories.


Hi, I am Meghna, the face behind Meggemsilver.


My personal struggles with anxiety and self-doubt not only shook me to my core, but inspired the stories I told myself. I learnt through this experience that I can reframe the narrative and rewrite my story. MegGem was founded as a tribute to the stories we experience in our daily lives.


Our collection leans into the natural character of semi-precious gemstones left unmarred,keeping each stone natural, unique and authentic. Each piece therefore is original, much like the stories of those who adorn it. The collection is designed in the US and ethically manufactured by artisans in Jaipur India. All semi-precious gemstones are handpicked and certified natural by an accredited gem laboratory.


Fan favorite pieces include Panna Earrings, Serp Necklace and our everyday Stackable rings.

When I began this journey three years ago, my values were simple: purpose and service. We donate a small percentage of our sales to service and I’m so proud to share that despite being a small business, we have had the opportunity to contribute to community projects such as the Hoboken Shelter, Westside Community Fridge and The York Street project. This year, we have the privilege to create an exclusive piece for The Flow Initiative, an organization committed toending period poverty.


Our creations are made for the free-spirited woman that holds an intimate relationship with herself. She seeks purpose and meaning in her life, carefully curating a collection of stories that form her beautiful book of life. We at MegGem hope to be a part of her story.


Follow us @Meggemsilver and let’s reframe narratives together #meggempowered.



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