Meet The Artist of 108 Designs


The first important STEP

You CAN create the life you want!

If someone told me this few years back I would not have believed them.

Once I was able to clear my self-doubt, ART and creativity became my IKIGAI!


108 Design- Kultural Creative was conceptualized at home in the year of 2020, when there was no real sign of anything getting better soon. Pushing through developing your creative idea into a market ready product being one aspect while sale marketing was another that was dictated by event and show restrictions due to the pandemic. In the beginning it was just some cards then posters and it metamorphosed into a full concept affordable art and ART styling product based business.


With a design background in hotel architecture, I mostly worked on architectural spaces such as boutique hotel lobbies, typical hotel room /suite layout and interior finishes as well as the design of its exterior facade. My artistic pursuit seeks the ideas that did not get fulfilled due to time and budget constraints.


My Brand Soul Essence

What I did learn as a working designer was the interpretation of various global elements woven together in a style that uniquely represents all ideas.

Home has always been away from India and this global, nomadic lifestyle has not diminished the roots and connections to Indian culture and heritage. My art keeps this Indian aesthetic intact within a modern concept.


Significance of 108 DESIGNS

Every brand needs its own identity. So when I wanted to name my creative venture “108” and its significance (scientific & Vedic) came to light. Vedic culture viewed 108 as a number of the wholeness of existence. The average distance of the sun and the moon to earth is 108 times their respective diameters.


Inspiration for my Creativity

Sources for my inspiration include: nature for textures and patterns as well as draw from my pre-pandemic travel experiences back home to India.

Stories by Rabindranath Tagore, Zhang Yimou's use of color, Georgia O Keefe floras, block printers & silver craftsmen & handloom weavers, fashion& fine art photographers, Art influencers and home décor bloggers are a constant source of my inspiration.



Affordable Indian Art for All

I started 108 Designs with 2 goals. The first being to create art that reminds you of India and the second is to bring modern, yet affordable Indian art to a wider audience.

To learn more about Kavita Chachcha and her art, follow her on Instagram @108designn and check out her website at


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