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My Name is Devki Kukadia and I’m 20 years old. Currently, I’m pursuing my bachelor’s degree from Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. I’m from Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India.

Coronavirus has transformed life as we know it. Colleges are closed, we’re confined to our homes and the future feels very uncertain. After a few weeks of social distancing and keeping up with this pandemic, we all forgot to keep our mind stable and think about our mental health. But for me, art has been therapeutic. Earlier, I was not so much into art than I am now. This quarantine period has helped me learn more about myself and to work upon myself and my  skills as well.  


During college, I used to be busy with the other activities so I never got time to paint or to seek out different art forms. But now, every day I am learning something new, working on some projects and committed to self-improvement.

One particular art form that is special to me is Mandala art. For those who have not heard about Mandala art, the term comes from the Sanskrit word for "circle" and refers to a sense of wholeness. The strokes begin from the center of the canvas which become the focal point. From there, geometrical patterns radiate out in circles, displaying layers of meaning.

Before I knew it, Instagram became my tutor and I began exploring Mandala art in deeper ways. Soon enough, I started to create my own patterns and designs.  I usually take hours to create one drawing on paper.  And apart from paper, I now have started using different mediums such as glass jars, kulhads, bookmarks, photo frames, face masks, diary covers, etc.  

For me, painting is like a comfortable bed after a hectic day or hot coffee on a rainy day. I'm not so great with words, but I hope you get my point!

I know it’s a digital art world now, but trust me -- the joy of witnessing colors spread on paper, or the risk of making a mistake which you cannot undo is just exhilarating! 

I don’t claim to be some amazing, high-skilled artist. In fact, I sometimes hesitate to call myself an artist at all. However, it goes without saying that all the love and support and constructive criticism that my artwork has received has kept me going! Thank you for reading this and hope you continue to support and follow my journey.  

Devki's talent is showcased on her Etsy store, MandalasbyDevki, her youtube channel, and her Instagram page @artamourbydevki.

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  • PM0750

    Glad to see how people move forward accepting Covid-19 and continuing further in life with all the constructive approach ..
    Art was once my life too ; thereby i took interest in your blog & yaa Mandala , its actually like our life Vast & limitless ..
    Carry on girl 🧸

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