Living Life Creatively by Srinithi Raghavan


Art for me is a way of life. From a young age, art was always something that kept me grounded. Whether it was singing, dancing, or drawing, you’d always catch me in my spare time doing something creative.


I started Sri’s Arts a few years ago, mostly to document my creative journey. As a Statistics major working in a large bank, I always prioritized and made time for the things that I loved. While my growth was slow, it did happen, and I still love going back to my original blog and reminiscing on how everything began.


While I do have many other creative hobbies, painting was always one of my favourites. I wanted my space around me to reflect who I was, and having custom art on my walls was my way of doing that. The art I chose for my spaces was always the starting point for the rest of the décor. The spaces I’ve lived in have always felt inspiring, yet homely. 


When my family first moved to Canada in 1994, there were very few people of color, and my upbringing was a very Canadian one. However, my mother ran a Bharatanatyam (Classical Indian Dance) academy, so the Indian culture and tradition became a very strong influence on my personal life. 


In 2020 I started juxtaposing very traditional Indian elements with very abstract and modern backgrounds to decorate my new home and something clicked. This style resonated strongly not just with me, but with a lot of people in both North America and India who shared their desire to balance the more traditional and modern aesthetics. The style itself includes movement, colors and elements that will remind you of South Asia, while still fitting in seamlessly into a modern home.


This is when I started getting a lot more serious inquiries for custom paintings, and shifted my own perception of Sri’s Arts from a casual blog to a business. To cater to those with a smaller budget, I worked with a local printer to create extremely high quality archival art prints on 100% cotton paper.


This style of painting is really the climax of years of growth and exploration in all forms of art. In addition to painting, I am also a classically trained singer, a Bharathanatyam dancer, and a certified graphic designer. I create hand lettering signs for weddings and events, and sell custom paintings and prints on my website


With my Instagram page and my website, I hope to continue to explore the art of creative living. There are a lot of people who balance many priorities, and I would love to share productivity tips and creative hacks to inspire others to bring creativity into their own lives.

You can find me @srisarts on Instagram, or at


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