The Balance of Art & Science by Sindhuri Mamidi

Since my early years, my identity has been shaped by a passion for painting and a natural artistic inclination. I would enthusiastically share my art with any relative or friend who came to our home.

However, in India, career trajectories were often determined by academic prowess. Excelling in arts and sciences, I found myself at crossroads. After being offered a scholarship to pursue math, I ultimately chose this career path as it felt like the most natural fit for me.

The conventional belief ingrained in me was that art was a mere hobby, never a viable means of income. But, I remained a deeply creative person all my life.


After moving to the USA for higher studies & settling in my first job, we bought our first townhome which became a canvas for my creativity. Simple decorations with paint and decor brought me immense joy. With our second home, major renovations took center stage – kitchen demo and complete transformation of our front and back yards. Friends who visited couldn't help but praise our efforts, likening our home to a resort. That positive feedback spurred me to document my endeavors on Instagram which slowly gained traction over two years, thanks to a supportive community.

Eager to share my passion beyond my home, I cautiously began taking clients transforming their homes. To my surprise, recognition came, largely attributed to my collaboration with another designer – Divya, whose values resonated with mine.

I am a self taught DIYer and I think that made me a better interior designer as well. I think about the implementation from the get-go. I am also typically budget-conscious, resourceful and have a unique ability to infuse spaces with personalized Indian touch, creating designs that reflect individual's tastes and preferences.

My journey aimed to bridge the gap between heritage and the allure of a new country, resulting in MangoAbode – a fusion where Indian design harmonizes with the contemporary spirit of the USA. With a background in analytics, I bring a meticulous eye for detail, crafting spaces at the intersection of data-driven insights and artistic expression. I strongly believe a beautiful design is both Art & Science. My manager once playfully remarked, “Ah, you’re both an analytical engineer and a creative mind, balancing both aspects of your brain.”

To fuel my creative process, I immerse myself in extensive reading and travel, drawing inspiration from diverse sources, allowing me to seamlessly fuse various elements in my designs.

Follow me at @Mangoabode on Instagram.

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