Finding My Creative Outlet at Home by Krishna Shah


2020 was quite a year and unforgettable, to say the least. For me, my work week was pretty normal until July because I was still going into work. In July, however, I was approved to work from home and found myself with a lot of free time. I no longer had a commute and the weekends where I would see friends and family were now suddenly empty.

We moved into our builder grade home September 2019 from a one bedroom apartment so our cookie cutter home was very empty. I had many plans for our new home but could not find the time (not to mention the financial aspect of furnishing a home) and I had no experience with woodworking, accent walls, or home DIY projects.  I have always loved design, arts & crafts and perusing Pinterest for hours.

With all the new free time, a push from my husband (he has some experience with woodworking) and a lot of Instagram and YouTube, I decided to learn how to use power tools and jump into projects.  My first wood project was building a floating photo ledge and with that beginner project, I learned woodworking lingo, power tools, and how to paint/stain. Eventually, I found myself a frequent visitor of Home Depot and my love for DIY started.

I decided to document my projects and the process of furnishing and decorating our home on Instagram. I discovered a huge home/DIY community and I am so grateful for it. I have met amazing friends who have offered advice and supported me through projects. Not only have I learned new skills but DIYing has been very positive for my mental health. It has helped me channel the free time I have into something productive and combat any potential loneliness that a pandemic can cause.

2020 was an extremely tough year but I am grateful to have found a new passion of DIY and home decor. I understand I am fortunate to have found something that has helped with my mental health. Not everyone has that opportunity and given how emotionally and financially draining last year was, I don't take that for granted at all.

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