The Origins of “Udaan” by Shital Patel

Art, for me, is an exploration of humanity as well as myself. In all forms it inspires, provokes thought, and reflects both beauty and pain allowing us to find hope and strength in the human spirit. It is the means through which I can lose myself in a colorful world of complex emotions and never-ending wonder with every brushstroke; only to emerge rejuvenated, empowered, and slightly wiser than I was when I started.


As with any artist, over the years the nature of my work shifts as I continue to grow and experience life. But what has remained steadfast is reflecting in any small form, aspects of my roots as both an Indian and American. Being first generation American, we watched our newly immigrated parents struggle to figure out how to hold on to their roots in a new country, as well as evolve and assimilate, and it was upon us to find a way to understand our identities in both spaces and forge something entirely new.


Since I can remember I have been a dreamer with my head and heart eternally in the clouds. I never wasted my time wanting to belong, I only wanted to be free, hence the name of my Etsy shop “Udaan”…and when I dove deeper into the arts I had found that freedom. I started painting in middle school, to eventually graduate high school with a focus in Fine Arts. When entering college, pursuing a career in the arts was something very few Indians at the time were doing. My path led me to ultimately complete my undergraduate degree in Business Administration and then a Masters in Art Education.

Today I work within both of those spaces - full time in the Aerospace industry by day and as an artist by night. I work mostly with acrylic, occasionally delving in oils, and more recently exploring digital illustration, always leaning towards vibrant and unique color combinations.

Over the years, the paintbrush has become my lifelong companion, acting as teacher, friend, and comrade...listening to my innermost thoughts and feelings, gifting me with a deeper understanding of the universe and its workings, and helping me express my love of life to the world. Life lessons, spiritual quests, and the stories of ages have been told through art, I aim to tell my own story and give back to a world which has given so much to me.

Instagram – @spateln // Etsy shop - UdaanbyShital

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