A Mix of Modern and Traditional by Saritha Ashok


My decor style is neutral minimal transitional. At least that’s what I think it is.  I love mixing clean simplistic modern pieces with traditional decor. 
My favorite things to decorate with are pottery, wooden accessories and brass. That mix is what sparks joy for me. It also has a lot to do with my roots. Kerala, India is where I come from and neutral rustic pieces are a very important part of traditional Kerala decor. 
Let me share some of my favorite traditional pieces, from India, that I love to decorate with. 
Bharani (ceramic pickle jars) 
Neutral and earthy, what’s not to love about these. Also, so flexible that they can fit into any decor style. Can be a utensil holder, flower vase, accent piece etc. Such a versatile piece. 



Brass Uruli 
Just the sight of it brings in a lot of childhood memories. Can be used as a coffee table accent or for shelf styling. Stack some books with an Uruli on top. So good! 


Seed holder/spreader
I found this candle holder from a store here. But later learnt that in old times, these were used to store and spread seeds by farmers in India. It’s one of my favourite pieces and it sits mostly on our coffee table. 



Brass tumbler 

I have a couple of these that I brought here from India. The one in the image is from an old thrift store near my husband’s place in Kerala. 



Wooden pedestal (Palaka)

Can be used to add some height to vignettes. I have used one in my kitchen to group some essentials. Even unused Roti boards(chakla) can be used for this purpose. 


I am Saritha. I am from Kerala, India and now based in a small town called Oegstgeest in Netherlands. I live here with my husband and teenage son. My favourite pastimes here are decor related DIYs and some gardening ( when the weather permits ). Finding unique pieces at thrift markets and giving them a new life is also something that I absolutely enjoy doing! Follow me on Instagram @bluepaisleyhome.

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