Dhurrie Rug by Home Neera
Dhurrie Rug by Home Neera

Dhurrie Rug by Home Neera

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These exquisite dhurrie rugs are each a testament to the unparalleled handicraft of India's weavers. Even though the dhurrie rug has been around for thousands of years, it wasn’t until the 20th century that the rug was considered stylish and attractive. Before then, the rug was mainly considered a functional piece. Arjuna is proud to offer dhurries with light & airy designs and uplifting color palettes. Dhurries are ideal housewarming gifts, and can even be used on beds as blankets, hung on walls, or used as mats during meditation.

There can be slight variations in color of the dhurrie and small dye stains.

This product is FINAL SALE.

Size: 3 x 5 ft


The dhurrie has been digitally printed on a cotton base. Cotton base can shrink overtime with usage. Colors fade away naturally which makes the product organic. Please keep away from direct sunlight

Care instructions:

1. Vacuum regularly

2. Spot cleaning recommended

3. Dry cleaning by rug experts only

4. Do not tumble dry

5. Please rotate the dhurrie at regular intervals to equalize wear